Eclipse GlassFish Tools 1

This location contains a repository of Eclipse plugins. Follow these installation instructions or browse the repository content.

  1. Open Eclipse and select the Install New Software menu item under the Help menu.
  2. Copy and paste this URL into the Work with text box, then press ENTER.

  3. Once the repository is loaded, the available features should show up in the table.
  4. Select the desired features and follow the wizard to install them.


  1. If unable to connect dialog is displayed and you access Internet through a proxy, ensure that Eclipse is properly configured to use this proxy.

    1. Select the Preferences menu item under the Window menu.
    2. Expand the General node in the preferences tree and select Network Connections.
  2. If after the repository is loaded, the features table displays There are no categorized items message, uncheck the Group items by category check box.